We provide galaxy and QSO mock catalogs for different SDSS surveys and tracer samples:

  • BOSS-LRG DR12 MultiDark-Patchy Mocks Galaxy mock catalogs used for generating covariance matrices for the Final BOSS DR12 LOWZ , CMASS and COMBINED LRG samples (Documentation, Data)
  • eBOSS-QSO Y1Q GLAM mocks Quasar mocks for the eBOSS first-year QSO sample (Documentation, Data)
  • SDSS DR7 [OII] ELG MultiDark mocks Galaxy mock catalogs for the [OII] emitters in the SDSS DR7 Main Galaxy sample (Documentation, Data)
  • [OII] ELG z=0.8 MultiDark mocks Galaxy mock catalogs for a sample of [OII] at z=0.8 (Documentation, Data)

Please go to the Documentation links for more info, file format and references.