Uchuu DR1 Fast Download Speed

The skun@IAA_RedIRIS server that hosts Uchuu DR1 provides a fast download speed through the RedIRIS High Speed Data Transfer Service. The Uchuu DR1 products can be downloaded using FileShare or CLI,

    username: irisplanet@rediris.net
    password: IAADataSet-2020

This command can download all Uchuu Halos at z=0

$ aspera shares download -i --Host=fileshare.rediris.es --user irisplanet@rediris.net -p IAADataSet-2020 --source=/IAA_UCHUU_USERS/Public_dataset/Uchuu/Uchuu/RockstarExtended/halodir_050

This command can browse a directory

$ aspera shares browse -i --Host=fileshare.rediris.es --user irisplanet@rediris.net -p IAADataSet-2020 --path=/IAA_UCHUU_USERS/Public_dataset/

CLI Troubleshooting: The message "Client unable to connect to server (check UDP port and firewall)" points that you are having a problem with your firewall, i.e., your network is filtering the UDP ports that Aspera needs to use. This port is 33001 UDP and TCP. Please contact your system admin.

In case your UDP/TCP ports do not allow you to use Aspera we also offer to download the data through the Skies & Universes browser,

For massive download you want to use wget . This is an example to download all Uchuu 'M200c1e12' catalogues at z=0 (Uchuu halos with M200c > 1e12 Msun/h):

$ wget "ftp://skun.iaa.es/SUsimulations/UchuuDR1/Uchuu/RockstarExtendedM200c1e12/halodir_050/