GLAM BDM Halos: HDF5 tables
If you use this data please cite the paper by Hernández-Aguayo et al. (2020).

GLAM BDM Halo catalogues at z=0.60, z=0.74 and z=0.93.

The hdf5 file contains the following datasets:
- number_tracers
   Total number of haloes in the catalogue
- boxSize
   Size of the simulation box, in Mpc/h.
- pos
   Float array, shape (N, 3)
   Comoving cartesian position vector, in Mpc/h.
- vel
   Float array, shape (N, 3)
   Cartesian velocity vector, in km/s.
- halo_mass
    Float array, length N
    halo_mass, where halo mass is defined as Mvir, in units Msun/h.
- R_vir
   Float array, length N
   Halo virial radius in units kpc/h.
- V_circ
   Float array, lenght N
   Halo circular velocity in units km/s.